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Reaching for the stars


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Hi, new user here. New to the site and new to astronomy, but eager to learn - can't wait to have my first star named after me!

Just bought a new Skywatcher Telescope N 130/650 Explorer BD AZ-S GoTo, hopefully it won't be too complex for me.:D

I live i Norway, so I'm hoping that the lack of light polution and the clear skys will be really usefull.

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Thanks to all who have welcomed me to the site, it certainly gives me confidence that when I'm stuck for an answer, I have lots of friends on hand to help me out - doesn't mean you can come to Norway to show me personally though!

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Hi Modelman :D

Welcome to the forum. Have you seen the northern lights? I soooo want to be able to see them, am sure it will be an awesome experience.....some day!!! You seem to be in the right place to view them if anyone can.:)

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I haven't seen the northern lights properly yet, I would have to go a lot further north, but I have seen a streak across the centre of the sky which could have been one of the effects, or could have been the milky way - Oh no, have I shown my niavity already! Now I'm expecting a deluge of replies telling me what I actually saw, and I checked, there was no Jean Micheal Jarr concert anywhere close by!:D

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