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Storing My New Megrez...


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Hello all...

Well yesterday I recieved my brand new William Optics Megrez 72 FD.

I am really looking forward to testing the scope... But as usual its cloudy :D

So, instead i decided to make a home for it....

Made out of 1.6 mm brushed stainless steell.




And this is my pretty, new Megrez...


Hope you liked...


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Well, i've been using batteries and it's been behaving so I think the problem was the adaptor rather than the mount.. phew! I need to buy a power tank but waiting for them to be on the sale in Maplins.

I'm on the lookout for a equatorial mount tbh though, the noise of my mount makes me feel a bit reluctant to use it in the middle of the night in my garden and the wires are annoying as hell. This isn't a cheap hobby is it.. it's eyepiece time come payday ..

Are you mainlyimaging now ?

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Good to hear that the problem was miner.

You really need to get yourself something like a leisure battery, they are well worth it and makes it easier/ more portable...

I have the HEQ5 goto and it is quiet, well worth the money...

I am trying to head that way, but there is so much to learn, and as you say it is so expensive.

I am going to start looking for a dob once i have my imagaing kit together... I dont like standing looking at the laptop all the time.... takes alot of time to setup, but when you are setup, i would like to have something to look through :D

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