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Eyepieces for Celestron 102 SLT

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I'm ready to look into purchasing some new EP's for my Nexstar 102.

However, I'm not sure which to go for? I have purchased a Celestron 32mm plossl which gives great widefield low power views and I'm pleased with this!!

The EP's that came with the 'scope are 25mm and 9mm (not sure if they're plossl's?) but the quality of them isn't brill.

I have a 2x barlow but again it's not brill quality and quite fuzzy when viewing through it.

My 'scope if f6.5 and just wondered what EP's would compliment my scope? Ideally I would like a new medium power and a high power for viewing planets.



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Skys the limit on ebay do some nice EPs, but they are closed due to VAT threshold and are now on hiatus until Sept, Oct. Check the second hand forum for the one's below

I like the WO TMB planetary 12.5mm or the TMB planetary/ TS Planetary HR in various sizes. You can get them here



I don't think you should go lower than 4mm TMB Planetary which will give you mag of about 166x.

A SPL 12.5mm will give you 53x mag with a FOV of 2 Moon Widths about a Degree. This is my main EP for planetary in my 80mm and 6" SCT.

A 15mm TMB will give you a 44x mag and a FOV of 1.4 degrees.

These are the sort of ranges you are looking at. your 32mm will cover all your low power widefield viewing. Add a 15mm and a 4mm and you have a decent range, add a barlow later for more flexibility, not that you really need it unless you are doing a lot of Lunar IMHO.

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Suggest that you stay with eyepieces that are about the f number of the scope, so 5-6-7mm

Really depends on the budget.

TV plossl's are £70-75 (General),

WO SWANs are £60 (FLO),

Orion ED2 are £80 (SCS Astro),

Orion Plossl's are £45-50.

What appears to be copies of Orion ED2 are £50 (Astronomica)

Neither the TV nor WO go down to 5-7mm.

Each range is within itself parfocal.

So 5mm, 12 or 15mm would seem easy,

More selections, 5mm, 8mm, 15mm,

A 5mm may not get the use as much as you would like.

Perhaps a 6mm instead of the 5mm for better usability.

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