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Ah, a fellow convert. Greetings from member number 13406 :D "The Cloudspotters Guide" by Gavin Pretor-Pinney (our esteemed founder) is worth a read. At least there's something to look at while waiting for clear skies

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I gave a lecture on 'The Beauty of Clouds' to the Adur AS a couple of weeks ago. I have been imaging them as a therapy to fight against the fact that they have rather decimated my hobby this year - know thine enemy! After starting to image them, I really did find that they are beautiful and now have quite a collection. I have also just bought a new anorak .......

This is one of my favourites:-


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That's right, clouds are sometimes extremely beautiful and nice to look at by day, but at night when there's nothing to see but grey/black murk they're nothing but a nuisance.

I still appreciate their beauty in the day though.

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Please tell me the Cloud Appreciation Society sit around complaining "just got a new DSLR, and it's been clear skies for three straight days now"... :D

Hahaha - that put an instant smile on my face :)

As for clouds themselves, I sometimes like watching them, and they can even make the night sky look nice sometimes; especially the noctilucent variety. Here are my cloud images:






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I have a book on clouds someone bought me for xmas as a comical present, and I have to admit it's fascinating

Although I would much rather be looking at them from above!!


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