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Crater close ups

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SPX350 F19.9 with 3xTV Barlow, EQ6, DMK21AF, Astrodon red filter.

900 of 3600 frames stacked with AviStack.

Got Mare Humboldtianum fully librated as this is usually not visible at all.

Craters Boussingault+Hagecius at the bottom of the Moon.

Aristoteles and Eudoxus pair. seeing was above average but deteriorated quickly as Brisbane suffers the JetStream in Winter.

Regards, John.




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Very impressive shot of Mare Humboldtianum! :D:)

When was the image taken? I'm curious what the libration actually was... i've never seen so much of the surface beyond the eastern rim of the mare imaged before. Well done!

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Thanks Loungers, I am from the UK but we emigrated to Redlands - Brisbane and yes the Moon was overhead in Scorpius.

Carol I think you told me about new virtual moon atlas which shows where the max libration is which helped as it is marked by a big red arrow. Image taken on 17th Aug from 7-9pm ET or 9-11am GMT. New VMA even has a 'ruler' so I can measure what FL I am imaging at which is excellent as I usually guess!

My processing flow is AviStack which takes a while but uses more point than Regx5 so is sharper all over. Then Regx5 wavelets which seems the best, then for a low contrast image like 'The Mare' Image Analyser colour correction local contrast then despeckle and smart sharpen with layers in PS CS3. For mosaics after Regx5 wavelets into iMerge which uses Fits files for assembly then IA for contrast boost then PS. All the software is freeware except PS CS3.

Thanks for the comments, I have to setup every night as I dont have an Obsy so collimation is essential, I am on a Balcony and my EQ6 works very well at maximum payload.

Regards, John.

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Thanks Neil, I tried AS2 but could not figure it out so started AV1.8 which is simple to use - I need a tutorial for AV2 as I did not know what to do at all and my patience with software is minimal.

I just got my Flea3 working after driver trouble owing to the disc they sent me but downloaded upto date on on site and it now works with Firecapture software. I get 50-60fps at 16bit full resol'n and 80fps at 400x400pix, so not bad. Will give it at try tonight on moon et al.


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Lovely images John! You really got the timing right for Humboldtianum, superb!

I don't know if it's me not being fully up to speed around here but when I loaded images as thumbnails as you have they came out compressed and smaller, so I'm wondering if we are seeing your images at their best? I found that inserting a link got the full res image, are you able to do that?

BTW I share your impatience with non-intuitive software (me I'm close to giving up on the new release of Adobe Lightroom for the second time! ;o), but I think Avistack V2 is worth persisting with. It all looks a bit daunting at first but it is at least logical and the manual is helpful. V2 rips through AVIs too, it's really fast.

Looking forwards to seeing more from down under, looks like you are getting some nice seeing.



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