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really stupid question

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Telescopes normally do because it does not matter, you can get an erector lense to restore the view to normal. (though some telescopes are ok for both viewing the sky and land due to how they work)

Im a noob so could be wrong

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A Newt will give an upside down image naturally. That's fine, just imagine you are in Australia! A refractor or catadioptric will do likewise unless you use a star diagonal when the images is the right way up but left-right inverted.

If you use a correcting prism then expect a very significant image degredation in astronomical use, though by day the difference is minimal.


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With the telescope view it doesn't matter (as mentioned above) and if you're doing imaging you can allways turn the picture the other way up. But some people do prefer a correct image finder for easier star hopping - but it's just personal preference really. :)

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