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I'm considering a William Optics Megrez 72 FD APO or the William Optics Megrez 90 APO as a guide scope for my MN 190 which will also be used as a 2nd scope for imaging and observing. If the scope was only to be used for guiding, I guess the 72 (or a cheaper alternative) would be the best choice, but as a second scope maybe the 90 would be better. I'm just concerned that the 90 would be a little OTT for guiding.

And a quick question for you experienced imagers - DSLR or CCD?

It's really doing my head in as there seems to be compelling arguments for both types of camera.

I have a spare 1Ds mk1 that's not used anymore, but it's old technology now and a [removed word] for noise above 200 ISO, therefore I'm looking at used 40Ds at around £400 and another £150 for modding. As for alternatives, there are rumours that the 60D is to be released this month, so there's another possibility. I've discounted the 50D because it seems to suffer from higher noise levels than the 40. And as for CCD, the Atik 383L+ looks like a strong contender.

I really can't make up my mind and so any input would be much appreciated.



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Im wondering - a DSLR might be easier for you to image with for the moment & with a guidescope/camera. If you feel you want to move onto something a little more advance then buy a ccd later. A Canon 1000D @ 10.1, will set you about £300.00 just for the body or cheaper if you shop around, but I found the 450D @ 12.1 definition to be better, maybe because the .raw files are at 14bit where the 1000D's .raw is 12bit....

But then again I would not rule out a CCD Camera if I had the wonga now. Between the two choices a 314L+/383L+ any of them would be a killer setup with the MN190.


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Thanks guys.

You've got a point, Nadeem, I guess it would be easier and more sensible to start with a DSLR and consider upgrading to a CCD once I've gained some experience. It also frees up the cash for all the other bits and pieces I'll need.

I'll check out the 450...

Jordan, how's the ST80 for observing? Whatever guide scope I get will also double as a grab and go.

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Thanks Peter, maybe I could get a ST80 as well as a WO.

Hmmm, I'm starting to see how addictive this astronomy lark can be!!!

I used a 500mm f8 t mount (about £30 if ebay) lens as my guidescope... this has a DSi IIc on it as the guidecam and basically doesnt get touched...

I use this longer FL as it can be then used to guide effectively when imaging through either the Megrez72 of the CPC800..

I also have the option of guiding the SCT using an OAG with a DSiI I C ... If ever I get the weather to set it up...

and the Synguider to chuck in the mix if needed .. or the DMK...


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