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Motorised USB controlled focuser for a TMB?

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Anyone gort any thoughts on this. Looking for a way (not that costs >£500 robofocus way!) to motor focus and control via USB (shoestring maybe?) my TMB105 scope. Anyone done something with this model, and how/where did you source it?

And does anyone know how to motorize and place under USB control a run off roof...:-)..

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I have one on an ed80 which uses:-

Stepper motor 1.8deg step (14pounds)

Arduino board (14 pounds)

Easy driver stepper controller (12)

Assorted universal couplers (20)

Add a couple of leads and a cheap plastic box and it will cost in total up to 100 pounds (depends on what you have around)

Have some software written for the arduino and an ascom driver which communicates with it.

Your main problem is creating a bracket to attach the stepper to the scope. Also i bought a new 5mm bar for the telescope focuser so that i didnt cut up any of the original focuser parts.

If you can sort out the bracket the rest will be easy.

A few other people here also have solutions and other software.

Mine is used with focusmax.

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I like the idea of the Arduino board for this, but you're right, I think the main concern is fitting it to the focuser, I didn't mine stripping down the ED80 one, this is a different kettle of fish if I get it wrong.

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