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CG5 Dec Barrel seized

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Just need a quick word of advice to check whats ok to polish the dec barrel on a CG5.

I was using it last night when it decided to seize up on a slew. When I opended it up (which was very difficult, and didnt "slide" apart like it used to), I noticed that there had been some metal on metal action and something had carved very light grooves into the metal barrel of the worm gear. These can be felt as you run your finger across them.

I was thinking along the lines of something mildly abrasive like Brasso, or is that too abrasive?

Anyway, theres a tube of suberlube coming in the post tomorrow so I can grease the damn thing properly, just need to get that nice smooth surface back first.

Many thanks for any advice, and hopefully i wont need to go out and buy a new mount :)

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Hello U235. Usually when this happens, the groove produces a raised are as well as a cut out. Removing the raised edge would probably take for ever to polish out with Brasso and you may have to resort to some fine emery cloth. Don't worry about any groove that is left as this will form a reservoir for grease in the future. Be sure to clean out any abrasive before re-greasing.

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Thanks peter, I noticed that they were raised on the edges. And yep, it was taking an eternity to polish out with brasso :)

On the plus side, Ive just come home to lunch to find a nice red RS package waiting for me (superlube), I will pop along to the hardware shop a bit later for some emery cloth to get the bits that are still rough.

Plenty of time to get it done though becuase this rain aint gonna shift for a few days. Thanks for the advice :)


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