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M16 attempt

Chrissy G

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hi all, tried my luck again last night, had a go at m16, couldn't quite get a good polar alignment so could only get 5 minute subs.

can see a bit of detail in the pillars, but have failed to bring out the dark eagle shape, damn this is hard:icon_scratch:


five 5 minute subs and one 5 minute dark iso 800

megrez 72 and eos 450

will try eos 450 on sw 300neq6 next time

would the quality be better??

any suggestions welcome



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Good capture Chrissy :)

Looks like you are suffering from quite a bit of light pollution!

Hope you don't mind.....I had a quick play to get rid of the LP, and also removed some background gradient using Gradient Xterminator.



PS.......Just saw that Jordan beat me to it !!!


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Nice capture. "only 5 minutes"? I'd be chuffed with this! It's more than enough to capture some nice nebulosity. Try something larger, e.g. the pleiades (M45)

will try eos 450 on sw 300neq6 next time

would the quality be better??

The resolution would be better (your field of view smaller due to the longer focal length). But, as you are unguided, your max sub length would go down.

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