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DIY PC control for Skywatcher Autofocuser


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Nice project, BTW a standard PC USB port should be able to deliver 500mA. An unpowered hub will be 500mA divided by number of ports. A powered hub will be down to the limit of the PSU divided by the number of ports plus any limitation on the contact rating of the USB connector.



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Nice project. I will suggest getting away from VB and trying C#, programming is more future-proof. Also, once you have basic motor control it's not that hard writing an ASCOM Focuser driver. That enables you to hook into auto-focusing programs out there (like Bahtinov based autofocus Niels Noordhoek’s weblog ). I made my own motor focuser from spare parts and used an Arduino MiniPro board for motor control and USB support. I'm not quite sure what you're using at the end of the USB cable. My ASCOM Focuser driver can be found in


Feel free to reuse any of it. What's the oscilloscope you used?

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I could have used either VB or C# but the development PC that was already turned on at the time was the one with VB on it!

I've been in contact with someone about writing an ASCOM driver, it's just a question of how many people would be interested in having one.

Agilent 200MHz DSO.

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I'm thinking of adding motor drive for focussing, particularly later on when I get a better scope for imaging. I've made a motor drive for my current mount - EQ2. I have experience in interfacing to computers so I could add computer control.

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hello @ all,

i found this verry good DIY project!

But i am not sure that i understand all parts of this project.

I have a Meade 1209 Zero-Shift Focuser and i want to use it with a "Autofocuser" software on a PC.

So i have some questions.

Does this project support a 1209 Focuser (i think a DC-Motor)?

Can i build this interface for myself?

Can i get the plan, shematics or other Infos that helps me to build the interface?

Gives it a Kit (with all parts)?

Or a assembled Interface?

Thanks for help!

Best Regards


sorry for my bad english

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Ref auto focusing, I had an electrician friend of mine make me up a box to control my aw focusser from my laptop. I wrote some vc++ components which measure the dia of the star and focus on the smallest measurement. Works ok for me...

If anyone is interested, I can post a link to the code...

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