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Some DSOs from SSP 2010


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Well I'm back from another great week of astronomy at this year's Salisbury Star Party :)

Probably one of the best bits for me was first light using my WO Megrez 72 for imaging...and seeing subs coming in that literally blew me away! This imaging lark is definitely time consuming, and comes with a steep learning curve, but I was amazed at what that little scope and some good skies could produce in the hands of a total amateur like me!!

The set up was the Megrez with Field Flattener III, taken with my Canon 450D, all mounted on an HEQ5. All the subs were either 1, 2 or 3 minutes unguided (thanks to Toby, Dave, Carl, and just about everyone on the campsite who ended up fiddling with my polar alignment :hello2:). And a big thanks to Toby (Astrokat) and Dave (Milliways) for their processing help :).



Widefield M27


Crop of the same M27 image


Part of the Veil Nebula



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Thanks guys, I really appreciate the comments. I do feel like I really achieved something last week (apart from surviving absinthe night Toby :)).

It's always nice when you've got something to show your mates when they ask what you were up to on holiday!


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Great pics there. I've been considering a Megrez 72 and your pics have pretty well convinced me :o

Would I be right in assuming you simply used the SynScan to track? Bet you can't wait to see what the results are like when guided!

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