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Just wondering if it is possible to observe any of the objects from the Index Catalogue with my 8" Dob from a fairly light polluted site like where i live?

I understand that the cluster in IC1396 has an overall magnitude of 3.5 but the surrounding nebula is much fainter and only visible in larger apertures or from a dark sight or with long exposure photography.

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Not sure about the degree of pollution but its possible to see the nebula with an 8" and good conditions.

Quoted from here Cepheus - Notes by Tom Polakis

8" With low power, some fields of lumpy darkness are seen, a huge nebula!

10" Immediately S of Mu Cep is a 5' clump of crowded faint stars surrounded by dark neby and lanes, I1396 cluster is 60 stars typically 10m to 12m nicely defined across 1 deg, well centered is 6m star with two tight companions, field is crossed with thin, dark lanes for surrounding 3 deg, UHC view is less impressive, but brings out some patches, including 10'x3' <1/2 deg N of cluster center

13" Rich field and resolved stars in 11x80, 60 stars pretty well detached over 30' perfectly centered on 5m star with companion 10" p.a. 120 and 20" p.a. 330, companions are 9m, brightest neby is 1/2 deg NNW and is uniform 10'x5' tangent to ring around star, 40' NE is another haze 20' across, many other glows prominent over 2 deg field, slight enhancement with OIII or UHC, especially first patch

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