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Veil Nebula in HST palette


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A clear night was forecast for last night and I started to set things up early and then disaster struck, the power supply for my laptop was dead. I checked the fuse and it wasn't that so I started to curse my bad luck and then I remembered my friends across the road from where I live are computer buffs so I called on the off chance that they might have a spare power supply, after trying out 6 different ones we found one that fitted and worked on my laptop, thank goodness for that! So thanks to Ann and Jim for the loan of the power supply

Anyway, I managed to get 19x20 minutes with the SII filter to go with the 10x20 minutes Ha and 12x20 minutes OIII.

It was taken with the Takahashi FSQ106ED at f5 with Starlight Xpress SXVF H36 on a Paramount ME auto guided by a Lodestar camera and OAG using dithering. The resulting sub frames were calibrated stacked and colour combined in Maxim DL with a weighting of 3.5:1:1.5 for SII:Ha:OIII and mapped to the HST palette.

All in all it was a very good night despite the wobbly start. The previous stages of this image can be seen on the "Nebulae 2" page of the image gallery on my website http://www.imagingtheheavens.co.uk and there is a larger version of this at the following link

Veil Nebula - In HST palette photo - Gordon Haynes photos at pbase.com

The full high resolution version can be found via the same link - just click on the "next button" for people with faster connections

Thanks for looking

Best wishes



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