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Help with Alignmaster please

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I've been using Alignmaster software with my new (to me) HEQ5 Pro for the first time tonight. However, it seems to be behaving a bit oddly. I do the GOTOs to centre the two alignment stars okay. It then slews away from the 2nd star and asks me to manually centre the star in the eyepiece using the mount adjustment knobs in one axis (as expected). The problem is that altering the knobs in one axis doesn't re-centre the star. It's way off to the side of the eyepiece.

I guess I've done something stupid, but I can't figure out what. :)

Help please?

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Sorry Michael, only just spotted this. I've not had that problem. It should work as you expect i.e. one adjuster brings it back to the centre.

How are you centring each star after the GOTO? It needs to be done via ASCOM commands not the handset. For example, I also have EQMOD connected with a game controller connected to EQMOD and I tweak the stars into the centre with that.


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How are you centreing each star after the GOTO? It needs to be done via ASCOM commands not the handset.

Okay, thanks Mike.

I must admit that I sort of recall using the handset on my LX200 when I used Alignmaster on that (although I could be wrong on that). Perhaps the LX200 handset interacts with ASCOM somehow?

If you're correct (and I have no reason to doubt you) this does raise the prospect of having to take my laptop to the eyepiece.

I'll give it a try on the next clear night (whenever that is!).

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Well I've finally got around to trying out Alignmaster again. Centreing the star in an eyepiece using the laptop was a major PITA, so I've just ordered a cheap wireless gamepad to use with the EQMOD driver.

The alignment procedure definitely works a lot better, but it still doesn't appear to be working properly. When I rechecked it again appeared to slew off in two axis, not one. Wierd.

MikeP - PM sent.

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Just a word of caution about using EQASCOM in combination with Alignmaster. You must make sure that the EQASCOM pointing model is disabled whilst alignmaster does it's stuff. So star by clearing out any existing model and put EQASCOM into "dialog mode" for alignment. This is because Alignmaster works by issuing a syncs and you want these treated as standard ASCOM sync rather than as a trigger to add an alignment points.

Once You've finished with Alignmaster you are free to reload an existing pointing model and switch to "append on sync" mode (if you prefer it).


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Hello Chris,

Thanks for the information - very helpful.

I've been using Alignmaster in conjunction with EQMOD for a while. I can't recall having EQMOD set to anything other than "append on sync" and I've not had problems.

My normal mode of operation is to point the mount at Polaris via the polar scope (quite rough and ready) and then polar align with Alignmaster. EQMOD is good enough get close to the alignment stars without me doing any EQMOD alignment routines. Once I'm polar aligned, I usually start visiting targets and syncing as I go rather than doing any further alignment.

I've never noticed any data in the EQMOD pointing model after using Alignmaster. Have I just been lucky or have I misunderstood your post?


PS EQMOD - best thing since sliced bread - keep up the good work. Sorry, should I be calling it EQASCOM now? :D

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