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Hello from Lancashire


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Hi Everyone!

My names Lindsay, I've been awe-inspired by the night sky for some time now. I have an AM 130EQ but not got it set up at the moment (inbeween houses) Just been outside craning my neck at the beautiful views with my binoculars and caught a glimpse at the Andromeda galaxy (hence the name :hello2:) I thought it was time to stop day dreaming on my own and join a community of friendly folk to share my experiences with.

So :) from me, now I'm going to spend half an hour browsing around and see what this forum is all about :)

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art tor reet Lindsay !

Welcome to the forum from another Lancastrian who has just come in from gazing.

Tonight has been stunning and probably the first time I have noticed the Milky Way from here in Chorley for a long time.

They are a great bunch here , I have also only just joined and I am amazed at the knowledge and the imaging is superb.

I'll se thi soon.....Paul

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You are a friendly bunch :) thanks for the warm welcome.

Picked up my telescope last night from the other house. Set it up and it starts raining. Lancashire weather back to normal. Patience is definitely key here :)

I'm thinking of buying one of those USB cameras to take some photos, any suggestions? I'm on a budget though so as far under £100 as you can get without compromising on quality

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Hello from Cumbria.

Imaging under £100.00 can be done easily, but don't expect great results, but with patience and a willingness to experiment you can get reasonable results, a lot depends on the scope your using though.

But welcome to the SGL and you will find a lot of information to help you along your way.


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