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130mm dia and 650mm FL, f/5 (?????)

Have found that for planets you want quality of image and a smaller sharper image is better then a large indistinct one.

For Jupiter 60x upwards, so say 60-80x, which is 10-8mm eyepiece.

For Saturn you need more and 120x would be OK so a 5mm for that, (130x).

For DSO's you first need to locate the things so low magnification to get a small but bright image, then center this and then expand.

So I would say a 25 or 30/32mm to locate, then say a 15-20 to magnify first (43-32x) then to whatever it will take, say the 10/8 from previous. Unless the DSO is both small and bright guess a 5mm giving 130x would not be much use.

So how about: 5mm, 8mm, 20mm, 30mm

Check that I have the focal length right as I am sure I read it as f/8.77. So I might have the wrong scope.

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Yes, but the revelation kit only goes down to 9mm, it has had some very good reviews and IMO they are better than my stock EP's, where as the Celestron kit goes down to 4mm - inot sure what it is like - maybe someone else can comment on it. Both are VERY good prices from FLO.

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