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GRS at last!


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Very happy this morning as at last I have managed to see the GRS after almost a year of trying :p

But this was due to me using Stellarium to predict GRS which some members kindly pointed out was no good for GRS transits and pointed me to the Sky and telescope one which was spot on

Viewing Jupiter was simply stunning with the best views I have seen so far but I must say the GRS was a lot paler than I thought it would be but still a fine sight and easily seen

The detail that I could see was breathtaking as I went through various eyepieces but in the end I settled on my newly acquired Celestron 17mm LX ultima (138X) which easily gave the best views I could even see some structure in the main belt which I have not seen before

I did set up with the intention of looking at allot more objects but as soon as I focused in on Jupiter it looked so fantastic I spent my whole session just viewing it and watching the GRS slowly drift accross


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