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A pleasent day dream..

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I was thinking...what if i was the boss off NASA! what would I get them to do???

so the senario is..it has to be feasable, and you can only do one mission.

Mine would be to send a manned mission to Europa to search for life. of course i get to tag along! :p

What would yours be??


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yes, either Europa or Titan. Both seem good candidates for possible life. In my opinion Europa is the better prospect but would be a harder mission because you'd have to drill through the ice somehow. Water pressure under the ice could be a big problem. (maybe BP could share some experience here... ;-) )

Titan would be easier as life could well be at the surface? But it would be rather different from life as we know it. What would methane based life be like?

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Yea Europa would be a very difficult mission. But i'm certain they could do it now if they put there minds to it. Or at the very least send a prob!

I just think when its our best candidate for finding ET we should be focusing all our resourses on that. Forget Mars or revisits to the moon for now lets go see if we can answer one of the most important questions we can ask first?!?


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I think firstly I would try to convince everyone, including ESA, JAXA et al, to fully combine their efforts in all aspects of space exploration.

Secondly I think it is time to stop re-inventing the wheel and build one or two types of basic probe and then design each sensor (cameras, spectrometers, radars etc.) to fit them.

Logic dictates that it would be cost effective to have one or two basic probes that provide power and propulsion then fit the sensors you require for each mission.

Then send them all over the solar system!

Just my opinion like...... :)

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