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Hi folks my problem is this.

I have a Starlight Express MX5C CCD camera and i want to use it with Astroart 3.

I have tried to download the plugin/driver for the cam to work in AA3

but when i start up the software and check the ccd it comes up just MX5 and not MX5C. Is this normal/have i downloaded

the correct driver/plugin?

If not could someone please send me the correct plugin?

I will pm you with my email address.

Cheers guys.

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Hi James

Doh! I had already DL the correct driver i just hadn't recognised it.

I also got some one on one tuition at my astro society last Friday night so i am a little

and i mean a little more familiar with it now.

Cheers for asking.

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This was the second time that this person has taken the time out to help me on this subject.

Only small amounts of info sink in at a time so i might need one or two more sessions. :?

At one time not too long ago my interpretation of technology was the toaster.

Now you see where i am coming from?

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Now you see where i am coming from?
Yes Jamie :)...

If i can help in anyway with the processing etc all you need to do is ask me matey be it here or via emails. It can make you dizzy at first this imaging lark esp with the CCD camera's..

James :)

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