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My first Jupiter


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Hi all

Last night I saw Jupiter for the first time and took a picture through my Celestron Astromaster 130EQ telescope using my Canon EOS 1000D DSLR camera with a 2x barlow and T-Adaptor to attact camera to the telescope.

Here is the image i got:


I know its not the best but it is a start for me.

Is there any tips you can share with me to take a better picture of this planet as im very interested in getting a better one.

Thanks in advance


All i got to view it with is a 10mm and 20mm eyepiece.

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Hi, Try setting your ISO to 100 and your shutter speed to 250/300

Jupiter is very bright so you need to bear this in mind when taking pics of it.

Bear one thing in mind tho, when you get your camera set up to catch Jupiter correctly, you wont get Jupiters moons on the same settings.

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Good luck and dont forget to post us some new images of Jupiter when you get them.

You will find perfect focus is the hardest part of capturing Jupiter, this is where you need to make/buy a Bahtinov Mask, this help get the focus spot on.

If you search this site for Bahtinov mask there is a link somehwere were you can input your scope and it will give you the template for the correct mask for it, you simply save the image and print it out then cut it out of some card or similar.

All you do then is get Jupiter in focus as best you can then put the mask on and take a 5 seconed shot, the resulting pic will be a small with dot (jupiter) with six spikes sticking out of it, you then need to alter your focus (taking another shot each time) untill you have and X shape with a horizontal spike running perfectly through the middle of it, this is perfect focus.

edit...heres the link to the thread http://astrojargon.net/MaskGen.aspx?AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1

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