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Get together in Sussex?


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Ok, then what about this coming Saturday Sky permitting.

What about a meeting here say from 5 onwards till we freeze!

Elther point A or B on the map attached

Nice and Dark, If anyone is up for this let me know.

Crowborough Rd to Crowborough Rd - Google Maps

I'm interested in going with my wife.

I am thinking B because you can go further up away from the main road?

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According to the BBC weather site, it's not looking too clever for the next 5 days. 4 out of 5 are forecasting 'heavy rain'. If it looks like it might be clear myself and my son will be along.

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Fingers crossed for tomorrow, keep your eyes on this thread.

Take's about a hour and a half to get to the meet from my house.

So let me know about 2 and a half hour'ish beforehand so I can get ready.

I'm hoping that my Dot Finder arrives tommorow because the current one broke. I ordered a Telrad Dot Finder, If it doesnt arrive tommorow then it's gonna be so difficult to find nebula/galaxies along with planets. Maybe got to settle for the moon :).

I really want to try out my TeleVue Ethos 13mm Eyepiece.

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Hi all,

Did you manage a meet?

I was pleasantly surprised to see the Ashdown forest being talked about as a venue, if any more happen I'd be very interested. I know the forest like th back of my hand thanks to Scouting!!

There are a couple of other car parks you mat want to look at, they may be more suitable, less trees etc. Friends Clump (link), which is a two car parks back from the Hollies, on the North side of the road. Very open, nice large grassy areas, reasonable size car park.

Kings Standing is also another larger Car Park. Link!

Apologies if this is old info, just thought I'd try and help.


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Sorry I went quiet peeps, work shipped me off to Doha, I've only just got back.

Did you meet up there ok?

I'm still trying to get me a pair of bins, my Dad is looking out his old 10x50s. The scope is going to have to wait, car needs new brakes at the end of the month!

I'll keep an eye on local meets up this way though, would be good to meet and chat too you.

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