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Hi All

Sorry this is rather after the event, I've been having some computer problems (now sorted).

I had mixed priorities on Thursday night, having just completed the flooring in my observatory I was keen to get the mount polar aligned which I did successfully and also had a good trial using EQmod.

Anyway, this means that my mind wasn't entirely on the Perseids but instead I was having wonderful views of Jupiter and also a good look at Uranus and Neptune and a few other things. I was expecting to see the ground light up every now and again indicating that I had missed a good fireball but saw none of these unlike 3 years ago.

From time to time I did stare at the sky for a few minutes at a time and was a bit underwhelmed at the number of Perseids that I saw. I also saw flashes of lightning from the East.

I did set up my camera in an attempt to capture some but the wispy cloud meant that I couldn't do more than 8 sec exposures. In about 2 hours the camera captured no Perseids.

At about 1.30 am I was clearing away as the cloud was becoming more dominant and having shut up the dome and was just carrying my camera in, the sky cleared. So I set up the camera again and set it to do 20s exposures and did manage to capture 4 Perseids. Unfortunately I hadn't focussed properly so they don't take much zooming in to see the stars as blobs.

The results can be seen at Home


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Nicely done Dave , love the way it annotates , what software does that for you if I may ask?

Clear Skies


Thanks Pete, the software I used is Serif Webplus X4, which seems to be a nice website writing software. If you or anyone considers buying it, get the free download first and then wait a month. The advertised full price is £80 and shortly after down loading you get a "special" offer of £60 (which unfortunately I took up) and a month later you get an email offering you the full software for £30.:p

It has other tricks like when doing a mouseover you get an enlarged image of a thumbnail.


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