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So Many stars!

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welcome to the site pollyanna couldn't tell you the name of what youre looking at as i dont know what dierection youre looking in or where youre looking from theres a free program called stellarium that my help you. just wanted to say how much i envy you its cloudy where i am so i'm missing the light show tonight. if you havent heard theres a meteor shower happening tonight

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The stars are always there but the clarity of the sky varies. Also you need to be at a very, very dark site and have your eyes dark adapted for half an hour to see the sky properly.

In our own galaxy the Milky Way there are about a hundred thousand million stars and there about that number of galaxies in the observable universe. So...that's a lot! Twenty two zeros in the number...


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there are a number of bright orange stars, as rowan said, need to know where you were, which direction you were looking and what time it was to know for sure which star.

Antares, Betelgeuse and Aldebaran are three bright orange stars.

PS > W E L C O M E to SGL :p

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