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M27 With Outer Halo


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After a couple of set backs, managed to get back from an awesome holiday at Les Granges, in Southern France where this data was taken.

This image is an Olly Penrice, Jordan collaboration. The scope and cameras used were Olly's TEC140 and Atik 4000 OSC and Mono cameras.

Olly shot the colour data, there is 5hrs with the OSC.

We collected the narrowband data over 3 nights with the Mono:

Ha: Unbinned, 8hrs30mins, mostly of 10min.

OIII: Bin2 (decided we wanted signal rather than detail), 1hrs30mins, 10min subs.

The processing was great fun. My first go at narrowband processing really.

This is a version with Ha added to R, blend mode lighten, I think about 50%. OIII added to G and B, lighten, 60%.




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Stone the crows, Jordan, come back and tell me how you did it! Nice of you to give me a credit but I just shot the dead easy colour layer. The halo is all yours and really world class. Thank goodness I didn't post my version on SGL!!


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I just registered to congrat you ...

I Was one week at Olly's site, it was then when he shot the color data (My idea, but 100% done by Olly :-)), it was our plan to shoot the outer as well, but we didn't get to it ...

Glad you finished it and made it shine ...

For what Olly and I shot that week:

AstroPhotography Blog

There is still more work to process the remaining images of that week, so not all is live yet.

I was also planning on shooting the extra Ha and OIII at home, but my skies are so horrible that I'll wait till next year ;-)


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Just looked at Paulo's version and I just can't decide which one is best, probably this as it has more color in the stars and also the nebula ... though the core of Paulo has more detail ... anyway I think these 2 are probably the best I have seen.

Especially when you look at the equipment used.

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Yves, I should have credited you on the colour image because we did do it together. Sorry. It was a busy week. Jordan worked from the original data in his version, not a processed version that I did.

I have had another go with this data and I still cannot match Jordan's processing. It is simply inspired. The O111 was a rush job in bin 2 but you wouldn't know it from Jordan's result.


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Hey Olly,

no problem, I'm not after credit, after all you did all the work.

And as already mentioned it leave's something for next year, or if I'm really brave and stupid have a try from my location, which is next to a high-way and a big plant of a tomato farmer, did I mention tomato's do normally not grow in Belgium :-) My sky is beautiful orange :-)

In regards to the OIII data, looking at Paulo's version there is still a lot of data to capture. In fact where in this version the halo is mostly red, Paulo's version is mostly blueish-greenish.

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