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NGC7023 10/08/10


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Very nice, don't normally see the Iris nebula, there seems to be some nice dark areas around the nebula as well, love the colour and if you look closly some shape appears.

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Olly, yes I did take some flats and after watching RobH's Image Processing presentation at the Salisbury Star Party I've had a go at using them.


As with my NGC6960 on the same night another 2 hours of 5 min subs won't hurt the speckled background of noise.

Also, I've got a gradient top left to bottom right.

I gauge my sub length on what other people have used on the same target with similar equipment.

My 1000D is unmodified. Should I double or treble my times relative to a modified camera?

I'm using a Skywatcher 2" LP filter.

Any ideas welcome.

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well personally i think the 2 inch filter is not that very good for long exposer photography it allows to pick up more noise to the camera than signal. i know because i had one. with modding it doesn't really mean that you will pick up more light faster it just means you will allow ha through to the sensor.

the top image is a 10 min with astronomik cls filter at iso 800, and the bottom is a 5 min with the skywatcher light pollution filter



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I'm no expert, but I ran the above image through gradientxterminator, and it looks pretty good to me. I wouldn't go x2 or x3 the exposure lengths though, you'll get saturation with light pollution, and too much noise?




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