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100 mm refractor F5 vs 90 Mak C90- best for widefield?

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I have a Celecstron C90 Mak as a grab and go but am finding it a little dim (but great on planetary). I am considering swapping for a refractor (F5 vs F15 currently) as it is mostly clusters/dsos/widefield I wish to observe rather than planetary. Plan would be buy new refractor then sell C90.

I m looking at Startravel 102 at £150 (only need OTA).

Does anyone have any pointers/advice for a good quality refractor or any comments on the difference swapping C90 for a 102? Top end budget is £150 and only need OTA.

I m going off the differences I see using a pair of 15x70 binoculars compared to the C90 in terms of brightness. (PS I need a scope rather than binocs as my left eye is shot so need single vision).

Any advice appreciated.

I already have a 8" SCT so just a widefield convenient quick look I m after.



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I just sold the Celestron version of the Startravel OTA for £60 !. It was a very nice little scope for deep sky and, in the brief time I owned it, didn't do too bad on the moon, planets and double stars either, although the inevitable false colour was more intrusive as the magnfication and object brightness increased. It had a 2" focusser which meant that the wider angle 2" eyepieces can be used.

A short tube 102mm (or even a 120mm if one came up) would compliment your 8" SCT very well I think.

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