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Jupiter effort

red dwalf

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thanks everyone,

i made a big mistake by using a 6.3 focal reducer, my thoughts were that i could get the image onto the chip easier and not having used the imaging setup for a while i forgot the you need more focal length for planets and less for DSO`s.

did try with the 5x barlow i have but they came out very dark.

the software programs i used where wx astro capture and registax.

think i`m certainly getting more used to it.

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cheers Kev !

thanks all for the messages, going to try with the meade mono next time might help to get abit more detail, i hope, trouble is that it means learning how to handle more software as i`ve only just getting used to wx astrocapture and registax

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not yet Mick, i`m going to try the remote way when the weathers colder,

i got home from work at 10.30pm clouds had cleared for once so waited till 12 then set about trying to get to grips with the new mount, this was the first time i`d used it in the field so to speak due to the weather, need some way of leveling the mount as there`s no bubble level on these mounts which was very handy on the old celestron cgt gt.

of down to devon tommorow and hoping to take the kit so trying to fit all the stuff into the wifes car will be interesting, will be upset if i can`t get it in with all the kids gear as well.

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