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Hello all, wonder if anybody can help.

I've been looking at filters for fitting T-adaptor (part 93635-A) for my Celestron NexStar 4SE for prime focus imaging, without success, then realised I had other options.

I have a Revelation Photo Visual set which includes a 1.25 adaptor that will fit to my Canon 450D T-ring. I can screw filters into this.

Also I have a 32 mm camera projection lens that is also threaded and will accept my T-Ring. This will also take filters. YIPEEE! :p

However, my question is, if I'm connecting the camera directly to the eyepiece via a threaded adaptor, do I need to support it in some way?

Can I just screw the camera body to the T-Ring, screw on the lens/adaptor and pop it in just like an eyepiece without aditional support?

Thanks in anticipation



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Those fittings are usually enough to hold it in place.

I always fit an additional safety strap on my camera/ spectroscope; I had a situation where the spectroscope was unbalanced and the T thread adaptor became unwound letting it fall to he ground!!:p

( T adaptors only tighten clockwise, so if the out of balance is CCW they can come undone.....)

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