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Alien House Observatory - trip to Cornwall to watch Perseid shower


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Dear all,

I am running a small astro-group in Plymouth and have planned a trip to Cornwall on 12th August. The weather looks good so fingers crossed.

If you are from around and are interested in joining us, please get in touch. For more information about the event see the initial email that was sent to the mailing list.

Visit my site for more information: martinpeniak.com


As was mentioned in the previous email we are quickly approaching 12 August, a day when Perseid meteor shower peaks and when we should be able observe over 50meteors/hour.


This depends on weather. Although, the shower peaks on 12th August we can still see a lot of meteors couple of days before and after. Given the weather in UK, we will be happy if we get a clear skies on any of the suitable dates, which are approximately between 10-14th August.

The idea is that, we'll keep eyes on weather and as we'll approaching 10th we'll send out an email about when it is expected to be clear and that night we should go. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you the date now and we need to wait a bit more to see how the weather unfolds.

Place: Godolphin Hill - recommended as a great 360 degree view dark stargazing spot

National Trust Information about the location:

This conical hill offers 360 degree views with no artificial lights close by. Nocturnal wildlife includes Nightjars, which have been heard here on the hill in the past.

Terrain and safety: The path is rocky and is approximately 750 metres from the car park to the top of the hill. The area is currently grazed by Red Devon cattle. Please keep your dog under close control

Location: Great Work car park, on the Godolphin Estate, NW of Helston. Grid ref:SW596307

Plymouth PL4 8AA, UK to 50.132667, -5.370175 - Google Maps


We are planning to rent cars, however, if you have a car with free spaces let me know.


We are bringing a 9.25" telescope, two DSLR cameras, one with 182 degrees fish eye lens so while the cameras will be capturing falling meteros we will use the telescope to look at planets and deepsky objects like galaxies and nebulae. There might be more telescopes if Roy and Robin bring their equipment so there'd be more opportunities to watch different objects at different times. I am aware some people need to go to work in the morning so not everyone will stay over. I am bringing one tent for 8 people and one for 2 for those who can stay.

In addition, we have a solar filter so it will also be possible to look at Sun's activity. For those who are interested we will give a brief introduction into solar/planetary astroimaging so that you can try to take your first astropics using the available equipment.

Expect to receive an email closer the day (around 8-9th August) with the final information. Of course, if there is no chance of clear skies the trip will be canceled.

Please let me know as soon as possible whether you are interested in coming along with us so that we can start planning transport and all the rest of it.


Martin Peniak



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