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Fist View of Jupiter


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I am new to astronomy and am frustraed by the weather but really clear sky last nignt in N.Ireland and as a consequence I had my fist view of Jupiter and what a sight. Able to see the large cloud belt. I think I also saw Uranus but was only small speck. Also viewed Andromeda Galaxy which looked like fuzzy disk but still cool to now I was viewing the nearest galaxy to ours.

I would welome any suggestions on what to view this month with my scope all though the weather has been **** and last night was the first decent night in months.

Skywatcher Exp 1230p az goto

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There are a few interesting things around at the moment. Try a few of these:

M13, globular cluster in Hercules

M27, dumbell nebula in Vulpecula

M57, ring nebula in Lyra

Albireo, classic blue/orange double star in Cygnus

Epsilon Lyrae, the double double

M5, globular cluster in Serpens

M3, globular cluster in Canes Vanetici

M39, open cluster in Cygnus

There's lots more around, but that will keep you going a while.

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take a look at my blog below if you want some august targets - no im not trying to get hits its just easier than listing :)

in short

Perseid meteors - 12/13th


DSO's such as double cluster/ andromeda/ several clusters in Scutum

star system in ursa major- the mizar/ alcor double

hope this helps


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