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Daft idea?

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It is possible to have two similar fraccys on the same mount (plus guidescope), both imaging with DSLRs at the same time? Just thought it would be a great way of speeding up the effective f ratio of my setup, 7.5 would become 3.75 as im capturing photons at twice the rate.

It would probably be cheaper than a mid range Atik too. Hmmm... CCD v 2xDSLR....... any thoughts? :)

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Not a bad idea, but you would only reduce the effective F ratio by 1.4 (i.e. the square root of two). And you wouldn't get any extra light falling on your sensors...

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I may be wrong, but I don't think two f7.5 telescopes = one f3.75 scope. True, you would get twice as many subs in the time, but each sub would be with the light from a f7.5. An f3.75 scope would give you four times the light on each sub.

Or maybe I'm talking rubbish ...

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I've seen dual scope plates (or whatever the hell they are called) for sale here recently. Basically they allow you to mount 2 scopes side by side on the same mount. You could image with both at the same time i reckon (a camera on each scope), but as they are on the same mount you would be imaging the same object.

AS DP said.....it wouldnt make two f7.5 scopes become one f3.75 scope.

Not as far as i know anyway. Maybe there is a way of doing this?

I would think all you would get from this setup is double the amount of images in half the time (the time it takes one camera to get the images). Then you could stack them.

It does seem an expensive way of going about things.

Maybe i am also talking rubbish because imagng snt my thing. I am just using logic..........albeit maybe fuzzy logic.

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Ahhh, thanks for clearing that one up - so twice as much glass doesnt halve the f ratio. Its just that I did the sums and it was easier to justify than a CCD. Another (2nd hand) scope & dslr + dual mounting plate could be done for as little as £650 - whereas an Atik 314e starts off at about £800 (before i even get to filters/reducers).

Hmmmm... hard to choose as ive no idea which setup would prove to be the fastest. The last couple of months have made me appreciate the fleeting dark, clear nights of which we have had so few. So grabbing stuff quickly is becoming more of a priority -Ive considered getting an 8" newt but that would be too heavy and ruin my lovely PHD graphs so its back to looking at the imaging device instead.

I like the wasp array :) 5x of everything.... yeah, if I win the lotto tonight! Mind you, if that happened I wouldnt be here as id be on a plane to Chilie :D

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