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M31 05/08/10


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Good Morning Glider from Georgia-USA,

I had one more play with your pic this morning while drinking my cup of coffee and looking at the cloud cover here.

What I did first was use an older version 6 of Photo Shop. With PS6 I also have an add-on tool application by Noel Carboni (Astronomy Actions). I used the "Remove Soft Gradient- red". This took out some of the reddish background. Then I brighten and ddjusted the Levels and Curves. Finally I sharped with Neat Image (Free Program) and enlarged with the Resize feature in MaxIM DL.

I hope you like the changes....Keep up the good work on your imaging skills....It takes a while to climb the processing curve too.


Doug Neal


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A promising result with the new scope,you must be please.

Your posted image is a bit small to work with but like Doug I have a bit of time on my hands so had a bash at enhancement in Photoshop...... not the best of results but here it is anyway.:)

P.S. Sorry,forgot to flip the image before attaching. :D


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