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Jupiter 6th August

neil phillips

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Reasonably good seeing tonight, Started out quite late, just as all the cloud started moving in, but cleared enough to get quite a few captures, heres a couple ive been working on this morning

TV 3X 1" Exstension resized 3:04 UT

10" Europa DBK


3:59 UT


4:15 UT

TV 3x 3" Exstension capture size


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Times at top of page

Looking at all the footage again , it started off terrible, got better, but i over estimated conditions, i think its jupiter thats improving not my conditions, having said that, i hope good seeing does occur soon after the way these are starting to come out. it was fair in places AT BEST

Cheers for the comments

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Thanks all

Lol Nick You know its not right ? Like the header says DBK, im a imaging source fan through and through, Came to realize with the problems the Lifecam has ( mostly odd colour and struggling to achieve 30 fps ) that its better for lunar with its large HD chip, if the problems were adressed i feel it would be a contender for budget king,

mainly because of the high frame rates possible ( spcs downfall ) which is why many spend bigger bucks on Imaging source cameras isnt it.

But you know what Nick i thought about the lifecam recently and if i could coax 30 fps out of it on jupiter, with good colour manipulation dont under estimate it, Could be a fun project that.

But i prefer these chips for sure, and unlike the spc 900 toucam ect DBK gets me fireing with 30 fps, Long live the IS, And what about that EX veiw Mod thats exciting have you seen that Nick ?

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Neil, Neil,

What do you say.....

Fantastic, excellent, awe inspiring - just doesn't sound enough:headbang:

Well done! ( I agree with you on the DMK/ DBK - what's this about Liveview???? Do you have a link??)


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Thanks John, Its not for sale lol, if i ever do its yours ok. I do belive these 10" optics are sublime, George tousardis has a great set too. And to think im still using a 3 point cell with a closed back, Thats a no no for planetary imaging, as the airflow can never ever really circulate, indeed my star test shows a heat plume down one side that never ever really goes away even after hours of cooldown. Dont want to upset whats happening on jupiter so close to oppossition, But after that, i will somehow get my 9 point SPX cell fitted opening up the airflow, letting the optics breath, and getting rid of that one sided heat plume.

God only knows what this will be like when completed, as i love it already. I think that shows. Though if i get a proper stable risk free night, i might setup the 12" but with a risk of rain, its a lot more menacing. I got one night on saturn with it you might remember, that you thought was better than the Europa John.

Ken i was saying to Nick has he seen the new mono chip available on the spc 900 toucam and dmk cameras, its on Astronomiser, the ccd chip is very very nice, mod is about £120 everyone whos interested in lunar and planetary seem to be taking notice of this new chip. if the red is 2x more senstive, one wonders if a colour camera with this chip, would be as sensetive as a mono dmk BUT IN A SINGLE SHOT COLOUR BAYER FORMAT not sure if thats so, but can you imagine that, sounds like somthing i would like.

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Nice images Neil....!:)

Did you get the 60fps working with Y800....?:D

I've only just gotten my ISP functioning and am looking at doing a test imaging session as soon as the clouds roll back.....Torsten's FireCapture program is supposed to work with the DBK because you can access the colour cam's native controls.....didn't investigate as I'm too busy trying to sort these fleas out but he has a heck of a lot of really good features in it and you might want to investigate it as a (possible) alternative to IC Capture.....not that I had any issues therein but I'm quite surprised at some of the features Torsten has put in F/Capture....!:)

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Thanks Sherri

Hi Darryl no i certainly didnt get the 60 fps working, infact i tested and tested again everytime i switched between 30 fps y800 raw, and 60 fps y800 raw the artifacts would come and go one after another, depending if 60 or 30 was being used, this is exactly what was happening to others on the IS forum with the DMKs, the thing i dont understand is you said you could get it to work.

Well its clearly 60 fps thats causing it on my camera, because i can go 123 and back to 1 each time the same result, 60 fps artifacts, 30 fps none, like clockwork. ? its not the processing i dont think because all my other y800 raws are fine except 60 fps pretty weird ?

Firecapture i played with, it worked at first then for some unknown reason every time i told it which codec to use, it said sorry BW, what looked like y800, but i kept telling it otherwise.

Its strange because when i first opened it, it listend, and gave me a colour codec. there after, sorry buddy BW, any ideas on that Darryl.

Hope to see some results from flea, your the second i know to buy one recently, Great chips

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