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standard motor vs. synscan pro goto

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I currently have the standard EQ5, and time has come to add a motor so that I can do some imaging. Nothing ambitious, probably mostly the camera piggybacked with a 135mm lens.

The simple option would be the £80 RA motor, but what are the advantages of the synscan pro goto upgrade kit? The goto bit I can live without as I am happy to spend time hunting objects myself. However, is the motor kit itself any better/more accurate? Or are you simply paying extra for the goto and the faster slewing?

Thank you


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I'm pretty certain the base motor only runs at sidereal speed, the goto motors (steppers) will run at solar, lunar & custom. Slewing is also quicker....x800, if you use something like eqmod you can set custom tracking speeds too.

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Hello :D

Yes it runs with solar, lunar, sideral, sideral +PEC rate.

Some benefits you also get with synscan pro goto is

PEC training

1, 2 and 3-star alignment


Backlash compensation

Option to add autoguiding in the future :)

You also get a bunch of things like Id, possistion etc. but if it worth it ?!

Ps. I guess should say something in the welcome tread, and I will onche I figureout what to say :) Ds.

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Thank you both.

I only really need movement at sidereal at the moment so I think I will get the basic motors, on the basis that I can always upgrade, and the second hand value will still be reasonable.

With regard to the synscan, does it have the clutch option to allow you to do the hunting yourself, or do you have to let the motors slew everywhere? I read someone compare the slewing noise to a child's radio control car. Not sure the neighbours would be too impressed.

And is 3 star alignment accurate enough for imaging, or do you still need to drift align?


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There are clutches to release the motors, the sound of it wile moving at full rate are simular to RC cars but not as loud. my mount seems get in to some sort of resonase when I stop from full speed. I would imagen that your neighbors wount hear it unless they have a window open.

Even wile tracking you sometimes hear a faint wining sound from it.

My experience of the 3 star alignment is that I need to do it 2 times as the system sort of warms up !?

I have then taken photos with a refractor 120/1000 with exposuretimes up to 90 second but after that the trails starts, so I'll would say you need to do a drift align, but thats a newbies appinion :) hope someone with a little more experience then me could addvise you.

Perhaps it all depens on how grose the error in the system are to begin with.

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I would go for the Dual Axis Motors if you are going to get the basics, it will help if you do the auto-guider modification at any time and also the resell value will be better if it is dual axis, and we are only talking an extra £10.

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The big advantage with the Synscan motirs is the very fast slew speed. When coupled up with a red dot it allows you to run the scope to a new position from the handcrontroller.

Not sure what the max sle speed is for the EQ5 - its about x800 on an HEQ5 - its pretty quick. I find manually manipulating a 200 on an EQ mount a bit of a handful myself. The motors make it a lot easier.

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Its not the weight its the accurate positioning and locking the clutches down which always seem to be on the wrong side of the mount :) The fast slew speed coupled with a red dot makes its all easy peasy - just stand to the back of the scope and wait for the red dot to be imposed over the target is easy.

In truth I only ever do that for alignment or planets. Rest of the time I use GoTo cos I am lazy like that :D

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