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massive solar flare


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Spaceweather.com is a good starting point and there are further links to even more interesting stuff from there.

I have a Coronado PSt solar scope and have been to get outside and look but other business and too many clouds are getting in my way.


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Thanks Carol.. but the clouds were a bit on the thick sides :)

Unlike this shot from Spaceweather...


Also the Aurora forecast says it is possibly better for tonight and the weather forecast for me is for clear skies...


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Over Durham way it was cloud all last night and I saw nothing. I am going to try and stay awake for as long as possible tonight in the hope of a glimpse. Althought the cloud is thick again this morning, there are a few clear patches so fingers crossed.

It would be cool to see the Aurora up here and my first ever sight of it as well, will be armed with the camera. Speaking of camera can anybody give me any hints on what settings to use. I am guessing:


ISO 200

exposure 10s


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I saw the spot the flare etc. is assosiated with through a PST today - big one. Unfortunately it's too windy and cloudy to get the big guns out still the spot looked good.

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