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Meteor below Venus

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-lucky shot- caught this shooting star whilst making a sunset timelaps at june 10.2010 at 18:35 (local Namibian time) with just tripod mounted Canon 450D and EF-S 15-85 at 15mm 4.0; ISO 800; 30s.

Venus is the bright star at the right, the constellations visible are Canis minor and Canis major.

The background are the beautiful Zebra-Mountains of the Farm Rooisand, Namibia.

Following the trail back, I think the meteor possibly belongs to the omega-Scorpides, but I´m not really sure, as there are also possible canidates like the Sagittarides and Ophiucchides.

What do you think ??



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Right place right time. :mad:

Lovely, a gorgeous sight, and I'm sure this will be in there with other POTF contenders. No, not a mistake, it will be a double header this week. I think. I'll get shot if I'm wrong:eek:


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Absolutely stunning!

Even without the meteor it would be a great shot, but with it, perfectly positioned beneath Venus, it's magic.

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Just to make it clear: I don´t live in Namibia.....but it wolud be great :-))))

I´ve just been there for two weeks of "Astronomical Vacations" and a little sightseeing in the Namib Desert.

Just starting now to slowly post my results (some I have already in my album).

To make the infos complete: I live in Southern Germany, close to Lake of Constance.

Thanks to all of you for your great comments.

See ya,

Wolfgang (Bodi)

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