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iPad / iPhone FITS Viewer

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Hello everyone,

I'm trying to judge the level of interest that there would be on primarily an iPad and potentially an iPhone lite version. So my question is, would you be interested? What features would you like to see? What features could be left out in an iPhone version because of the limited screen space? I am thinking the price point for this application would be $2-$5 depending on how rich the feature set was.

What are your thoughts?



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Hi Gabe,

To be honest, I can't really see the point of this app. Reason being, FITS is great for storing everything that a camera captures, but is really only used as a means to transport unstretched data around prior to processing. I can't see folks using an iPhone or iPad to process....



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Agreed - can't see the point of this. FITS files are pretty big compared to lossless files such as jpeg and you only really need them to retain all the original data.

Can't even get the point of the iPad or iPhone either but that's another story..............

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I’d rather an app to stack images.

must have

  1. Scan and stack images (FITS, RAW at least) in a folder (must include cloud based folders)
  2. ability to stretch stacked image manually and/or automatically
  3. ability to zoom in on stacked images

Nice to have

  • Real time option for 1. above
  • Option to adjust for outliers (sigma clipping options)




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