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Brass compression ring EP holder:

yeti monster

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When I converted my GSO SCT focucer to fit my SNT, I had a few bits left over. Most annoyingly the 2" brass compression ring EP holder.

I purchased a 2"-1.25" EP adapter (with 1.25" brass compression ring EP holder) fro Russ, of this Parish. This has prompted me to perform a Blue Peter job on the GSO item.

The first task was to go and fetch my old 1929 Portass lathe, which has been waiting 3-1/2 years to be moved into the BIG shed. So after unloading the BMW motorcycle from the Land Rover, I set off to collect ye olde lathe.

Once positioned in the BIG shed, the lathe fired up and I centred my tooling.

I first parted off the GSO focuser tube to leave me with a stubby EP holder and turned down the OD to match the 2" thread of my existing extension tubes.

I then parted of my short extension tube and turned down the ID of this to be a push fit onto the GSO EP holder.



Not having the tooling to cut threads of the desired size, I opted for the push fit and bearing retaining compound to hold them together.


I'm very pleased with the result, although I may shorten the extension tube further, to move the EP down the tube another 3/8" or so, to better accommodate the use of Barlows.


Having only had chance to look at the rusty oil drum, 1-1/2 miles away on the other side of the valley, I'd like to get abit of starlight through the tube, before making any further cuts.

(pics to follow, once I can get them copied from my album.........)

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'cos my album ain't copying
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Faced with total cloud coverage, I decided to shorten the extender by 3/8" (ish) anyway. this proved the worthyness of the bearing retaining compound as I had to skim away until I had removed all the material of the upper part of the connection and the compound. Still waiting for some decent weather.

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