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Hello to everyone.

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Hello everyone,

Unfortunately due to the nature of our trip to the UK in May, I wasn't able to contact anyone from SGL for observing. I did manage to get in a few nights observing by myself, the best night being at Treyarnon in Cornwall. I did manage to observe M103 with my little 3"dob and I gave a small presentation on that object to my local Astronomical society back here in Brisbane just last week. I enjoyed my time there and found the northern sky to be amazing but very confusing. Everything is upside down! We had a mixture of weather whilst in the UK and I didn't even try observing in Scotland due to the long daylight hours, something we don't have here in Queensland. I hope to get over again sometime. Thanks for all the offers of help.

Aussie Observer


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Hello and Welcome Julie,

Glad you had a good trip. Hope to visit some family of mine over in Melbourne in the next few years...if i don't keep spending money on gadgets.

So no doubt things will look odd for me the other way up...



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Hi Julie, welcome to the forum.

Pleased to hear you enjoyed the visit, and that you got some observing in.

I would think I would struggle finding my way round the sky down in Oz, it's only took me 35 odd years to get to know our skies.

Keep in touch, an observing report from the Southern hemisphere would be interesting.

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Hi Julie,:mad:

Welcome to Stargazers!

I agree with Baz- it would be very interesting to hear about what you can see in the southern hemisphere. It's unlikely I will ever get the opportunity to see it for myself. :D

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Welcome to SGL Julie. Would love to hear about the southern skies too and just like Trillian I don't think I'll get the chance myself :mad: (my dogs won't let me go too far). It'd be good to have some first hand reports though.

Clear skies!


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