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NGC7000 quick grab!


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I noticed a little late last night that it was clear outside. After what seemed like weeks of inactivity, I checked sat24 for cloud cover and saw what looked like a window for a few hours. Out came the kit from the garage! I decided to try a widefield image with my ED80 refractor, guiding from the C8. NGC7000 looked like a suitable target, so after a quick cal in EQMOD and PHD off we went. Still not entirely sure I've solved my alignment problem with the OAG, since the star images are a bit skew, but it didn't seem to affect the guiding. I did 20 flats while it was getting dark, then did 15x3m subs. By this time the Moon was up and bright, and a few clouds started to come in, so with work looming I shut down and packed up.

I used 10 darks from my library (13C, 180s). The image is a bit shallow from the lack of exposure time, but I'm quite pleased to have got some result from the short time, and I've never imaged this one before. Added some spikes for effect! Must get my camera modded some day!


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Forgot how much influence the full Moon has. Saw it low on the horizon when I started but thought it shouldn't be much of a problem. Realised my mistake later as it got higher and brighter. Should have got the cam out for some lunar video!

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