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50mm finderscope 6-point mount for Skywatcher?

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I'm about to take delivery of a Skywatcher 9 x 50 finderscope (with Skywatcher mounting bracket). My plan is to modify this to use as a guidescope on my Orion 80ED (aka Skywatcher Pro 80ED). It has struck me that the bracket it comes with is sprung on one side and hence might suffer from a little flexure. A traditional 6 point mounting on a pair of rings will probably be much more rigid. I've looked and looked but I can't find anyone who sells a two-ring, six-point mounting system for a 50 mm finderscope that is compatible with the finder dovetail socket on a Skywatcher telescope. Has anyone got any idea where I might find such a beast?


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Telescope Service does one, but not cheap :mad:


I converted a WO 50mm finder bracket for use with a Synta type foot. Got an RDF Synta type foot from Opticstar, but had to drill and tap a 5mm mounting hole in the top of the mounting foot and bevel the top edges but it works perfectly and looks as if it was made that way.


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Can remove the spring loaded pin, I could on a similar finder scope mount where there was a grub screw behind the sprung pin. I then drilled out out and tapped the hole through.

Another option is to drill and tap some new holes?


Thats wot I did too

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Check out Scope Stuff here ScopeStuff

I have one of these for my Stellarvue F50 finder. Its pretty good. Pretty well made. Personally I am not crazy about the nylon screws but it works well enough and might fit your budget.

Yes the FRS8 model is exactly what I'm after and at first glance looks to be at around the right price. However, once I've added import duty, VAT, shipping costs and the post office's revenue collection charge, the dollar/pound parity is often a distant memory.

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Thanks for the heads up. A bit out of my budget though (I have very limited funds).

Thanks again for the heads up Mike. In the end I managed to get the Televue within my budget (well, to be precise, not too far over budget anyway!)

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