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First go at DSO (M57)

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I've had an Atik 314L+ for 2 and a bit weeks and only 1 partly clear night. I took this image of M57 comprised of L 1x20min, RGB 3x5mins and decided to add 1x20min of Ha(7nm) just because the sky was still clear. I imaged using my 6" SCT because my SPX200 wasn't ready. Guided by a (now replaced) 80mm Refractor using LVI SmartGuider. AstroArt for capture and processing.


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Yes it does come on an alt-az but I have an NEQ6 with a modified saddle plate which has allowed me to use pretty much any scope. The 6SE was my first scope and is the one I tend to use when trying new kit or experimenting because it's so small and light - especially when the clouds are lurking...

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that explains it, I wondered how you got that pic using an alt az mount.

Still a great pic though, nice colour showing through and the central star visible

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Good clean image. The downside of the SCT when racing the clouds is the slow f ratio.

But this is nice. I wonder why you went for 1x20 rather than 2x10? If you can get some more you'll have a winner. Is the backgrond a bit dark? Probably just a question of getting more data and, as a result, less noise to clip out.

You have a great camera there. You will get to love it dearly.


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Thanks for the comments Olly. The honest answer to the 1x20 question is that I don't totally understand the process and am experimenting.

My previous CCD was quite poor - more noise than signal - so I was blown away by the detail the 314 collected. I've just gone back to the images and built a new RGB with less processing and left some of the background noise in and hey presto there's IC 1296 clearly in the background. What a camera. As you point out I think I need more data.

Many thanks


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