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Barlow question

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I have tonight had a (brief) chance to try out the new focuser I fitted to my scope a week or two ago. My eyepiece on their own reach focus ok thanks to the seller including a 50mm extension tube with the focuser. I can't though unfortunately reach focus with my barlow in place, with or without the extension. It seems the focus point with the barlow is somewhere in between so I think I will need to buy a moonlite 1.5" extension if I am to use a barlow but I am not sure if that offers the right length.

I have though found out that I can focus eyepieces if the barlow lens element is screwed directly into the filter thread of an eyepiece. So the question I have to ask is what is the amount of extra mag I can get out of an eyepiece if I do this? I am thinking it is somewhere in the region of 1.5x, I am going on a barlow I saw that said by doing what I do it will offer 1.5x.

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