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NGC 7635 - Bubble Nebula

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Ever since I first saw the bubble nebula I wanted it to be the first thing I imaged once I figured out how my telescope worked! I've made lots and lots of star trail images....but a few days ago managed 5 x 5 min subs and got what I call my first proper astro image. :mad:


Taken from West Drayton, just north of Heathrow Airport

Guiding with a Celestron CPC800, Meade f/6.3 focal reducer, QHY5 guide camera using PHD guide. Imaged with a ATIK 314E on a WO Megrez 72, in H-Alpha. This left me with a monochrome image, but using Noel Carboni's Photoshop actions, converted it to a false colour image.

I just hope that that if at least a single Londoner who thinks that imaging from the city is impossible (Me a few months ago...), think again, LRGB imaging might not be possible, but there are other possibilities!

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Wow, thanks for all the kind comments!

Obviously in winter it gets dark nice and early, but not having paid any attention before :mad: does the UK generally have less cloud cover in the winter months? I find one clear night every 10 to 14 days mighty frustrating at the moment!

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