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Hi I am new to here and new to astronomy.. I am a complete beginner .. my father in law was bought a telescope (I'm not sure of make and model) but due to him moving house he lf a few things at my home .. one being a telescope... I know he got it from argos I got it out yesterday just to look at the moon and was amazed at how clear detail it was .. which set me of with the idea .. I have always loved looking up at the stars but now I want to get one for myself and try to see planets (do you know if I would be able to see planets with this one I was told you can with any home telescope).

anyway hope to get to know you all :0)


(any idea on a good first timers cheap (ish) telescope). thanks in advance

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hi and welcome to sgl, finding planets is not really hard they are normally the brightest objects in the sky venus and jupiter at the min, you could also buy a few astro mags like from WH smiths and they useully tell you where they are, which is very handy to start you off.

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I'm a newbie too, so hold on and you will probably get some even better advice.

Firstly welcome to a great forum(the members here are great) :D

second, it's hard to tell without knowing what size scope it is and i don't know much about them either but, I looked on the web, the ones i saw were some national geographic and some celestron, any idea which it could be? might help us help you :mad:

I imagine you will see the planets with most scopes now, its just how you see them that differs.

depending what scope you have already, the sky-watcher Explorer 130 seems to be a popular beginners choice although it depends on your budget here is a link: Reflectors (that's a cheap starter scope and if you can afford a better aperture all the better)

I think others would agree though, don't jump into this spend some time enjoying and surveying the sky (with binoculars or your currant scope)and then decide if to take it to the next level, don't rush buying your first scope as i did as although mine is reasonable i could have made better decision with a little research :eek:

again someone more experienced may have better advice, just my ten pence :) hope it helps!

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Hello and welcome Sarah. I am new at this too and it seems easy to become hooked. One good suggestion I was given was to see if your local library has any astronomy books - these may give you more of any idea of what you are looking at/for.

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Hi thanks for the fast replies and the warm welcome to the forum... yea one of my first plans was to go to the shops tomorrow to by some magazinges to help me along the way.

I was reading the thread with the reviews on the sky-watcher Explorer 130 so am definatly considering this as an option :mad:

My father - in - laws telescope is a (going by the name on the side as he has the manual and things at his home) .. telestar by meade .. I know it also has 2 lenses with it.

(edited - just you tubed a telestar by mead and it's NOT the motorised goto one it looks exactly the same without the nifty little buttons lol)

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Hi Sarah,

Welcome on board. You'll find the best advice on spending your hard earned cash here...We're all experts on spending other peoples money. Lol.

I'm running around with a Skywatcher Mak-127 which is great as its not to heavy and gives good views of planets and the moon. But the general rule is the bigger aperture the better.

Anyway good luck with the new hobby and don't be afraid to ask questions...their a great bunch on here.



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Hi Sarah and welcome to SGL.

"Astronomy Now" and "The Sky at Night" magazines are both very good - they have maps to show you around the night sky and what you can expect to see this month. You can find both in Smiths.

Have fun.


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hi and thanks again for the welcome .. yea by what you are all saying I think that's the one I will get :0) I went out last night with my father in laws scope it was a bit cloudy so wasn't expecting much did get a good look at the moon again but I want to see more and I wont be doing that with his scope for sure so as soon as I get the cash I will go get myself a decent one :mad: thanks for the advcie I'm sure I will become a regular here a soon as I have my own stuff :D

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Hi Sarah, welcome to SGL.

Whoops, sounds like you may have early onset aperture fever. :mad:

When you get 50 posts, you will be able to access the " For Sale" section, on this forum, this is a good place to go scope hunting.

Iam not sure where you are, but see if there is a local Astro society nearby, and pop along, most folks are happy to show you their scopes, this will give you an idea of what scope would best suit you.

Don't forget to ask questions here, you will get good advice, feel free to ask!

If you need a book, you won't go far wrong with "Turn Left At Orion", this doesn't assume you know your way round the sky, and gives helpful instructions on how to get to the object you wish to look at.

Clear skies!

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