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Lunt 35Ha v Lunt 60Ha ( A brief comparison review)

NGC 1502

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Hi all. Further to the comparison review I posted on my Lunt 35 Ha

v the PST, a clubmate has recently acquired a Lunt LS60THa/B1200,

plus a 50mm double stack unit, and on July 24th I had the opportunity

to do some side by side viewing with my L35.

Well now, as we set up, the clouds rolled in.......and I only had a

couple of hours to spare. But the clouds gradually broke up

and we got going.

We were both surprised at how well my L35 held up for viewing

prominences, compared to the L60. I'd say that if you are a visual

only observer, and just want to view prominences, then the L35

represents excellent value for money ( they were going for £385

at Astrofest )

However, when it came to disc detail, the L60 walked all over my

L35. A lot of structure was very easily visible in the 60, that wasn't

nearly so apparent in the 35.

And when we fitted the double stack, my best description is

...........WOW !!!..........

Now, where's my credit card ? :mad:

Best Regards, Ed.

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Agreed Brian, have only seen one LS60 which I found acceptable at high mag so far. The front mounted 50's do seem a good option

Still chewing the cud on getting a CaK module from them..

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I do indeed..

Always liked the Lunt CaK units, QC seems to have been spot on since day one there

Agree on full disc...my own homebrew could then just be for the high mag close ups

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So a 35mm maybe a good price, but as the reviewer says the 60mm is better for astrophotography.

I wonder by how much, could you get some really nice sunspot shots with pushing the 35mm?

Are there any solar images with the 35mm available to browse on the net?

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