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Can't stop saying 'Wow!'

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Hello to everyone at SGL. My name is Mark and I've been hooked since a year last October when I bought my first scope (Celestron NexStar 6SE) and saw Jupiter for the first time. Now on any clear night you know where I'll be.

SGL has been the place I've turned to for advice so I thought I should join and take part.

I've been building up my set-up and have just bought an Atik 314L+ but guess what? Since it arrived two weeks ago the sky has been cloudy (with the exception of one night).

The big problem now is that I can't remember what the days are for...

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Hi Mark and welcome to the forum. Nice kit you got there and hopefully you'll be able to use it all soon.

Clear skies for the future and look forward to seeing those images of yours!


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Welcome to SGL Mark

The weather has been exceptionally bad the past few weeks, hopefully there is better to come soon

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Thank you all for your kind words and warm welcome. It's been said before but astronomers are very nice people.

I am planing on reporting my experiences with the new camera to SGL and will compare with my previous imaging attempts.

From my one night of clear sky I have an image taken with the 314 of M57. It's comprised of 20min L, 3x5mins each of RGB and 20min of Ha. It's not perfect but my son had a print made of it and gave it to me the other day. I didn't know it was my photo at first and now it's on my study wall. Result: one really happy dad. Then he asked me for a new laptop! Oh well.


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