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Logitech Fusion Lense


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I've just received my logitech fusion webcam through the post, does anyone know how to remove the lense? I've only done it before on a cheap £10 webcam and don't want to attempt anything on the fusion until I'm 100% sure of what I'm doing. I know Gary Honis has some advice when relocating the circuit board to a plastic hobby box but I just need to know how to get the lense off without destroying the webcam :eek: Any help would be greatly appreciated...

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If you have the circuit board out of the camera, the lens should just unscrew from it's shroud. There may be a little cement where it has been afixed to the shroud interior. If you have the same model that is.

Heres a pic of mine. The lens housing containing the ir block filter is on the right of course, as you can see.

All this depends on you having the same model.



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If I remember rightly, there is a shroud around the lens, you have to carefully prise it off with a screw driver then the lens can be unscrewed. The lens threads are a different diameter to the philips cams so if purchasing an adapter you'll need to find the correct one as Philips adapters ie Toucams or SPC900 wont fit.

Edit: I just found the old shroud, It is silver and has 3 long legs which hook onto the case. Just carefully prise it off and then the lens can be removed.

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Thanks everyone, I'm going to give it a go as soon as I can get some good matte black paint for the LEDS. I've heard various people say things about slicing the lense off so as to keep the IR filter in place, not sure if I know enough about what Im doing to attempt that though : )

Thanks again and clear skies

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