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Visible DSO suggestions for tonight

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Looks like its going to be clear in the SE tonight.

So far ive found M13, M57 and M27

Wont be up too late, any suggestions ?

I tried M81/2 but i think its too light.


PS 8inch skywatcher Dob.

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M11 is a good one, M3 is alright too, i have an 8 inch scope too, those ones both came out well. hope you're right about the weather

Im in Kent there's not a cloud in the sky M11 and M3 it is then !

How about M92, Albireo (lovely double star) and the double-double in Lyra

Oh yes, Albireo is ticked on my list will look again though tonight.

Havent see Double double in Lyra. Will go for that tonight as well.

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I have found the same things using my 150mm f/8 reflector, so I am also wondering what to look for next.

For the time being I have been concentrating on finding M27 for the third time, I don't always manage to find it, even though I have twice already, my light pollution is quite bad.

I have also been trying to find M4 in the constelation of Scorpius, near the bright star Antares. so you could try this. Hope you have better look than me!

I find it a difficult target as it is low in the sky and often hidden behind trees or houses from my garden, I keep trying to spot it at just the right time as it appears from behind something. I am pretty sure I have seen Antares but so far have not seen M4.

Also there are often low clouds or some kind of atmospheric murkiness near the horizon and this doesn't help.

I have had no success with M81 and M82 as they are far from any stars to star hop to them form, also light pollution is really bad for finding galaxies!

I keep looking at Jupiter as this is easy to find!

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